Members of the business cluster

We are Norway’s national business cluster for bioeconomy and sustainable food production. The Cluster consists of 50 members with a total of 15,000 employees and NOK 66 billion in turnover. 

Published 15. februar 2021
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Members of the business cluster
Fotokred_hvit Rakel J. Berg

Our members range from entrepreneurs to Norway’s largest cooperatives, academia, research, and public enterprises. The cluster has its geographical distribution in Eastern Norway, headquartered in Hamar. Some members are in other regions or have departments throughout the country.  

The Cluster’s main goal is to strengthen the international competitiveness of member companies and be a platform for sustainable solutions related to food production. 


What does a membership in NCE Heidner Biocluster give you? What can you contribute into the cluster? Are you interested in working with our members for sustainable innovation in bioeconomy and food production? Register your interest and we in the administration will contact you for an informal conversation. In the conversation, we would like answers on what you and your business want to achieve with your membership, as well as what you can contribute to the Cluster. Keep in mind that members who engage get the most out of their participation!  

Member benefits


As a member of NCE Heidner Biocluster, you are part of a large network of companies, academic institutions, research institutions and public actors working together to strengthen the Norwegian agricultural bioeconomy. You get access to network activities and meeting places for members, which provides a unique opportunity to connect with potential collaborators in projects. A Cluster of small and large companies with different advantages and challenges provides good opportunities to learn from each other and become more familiar with players throughout the value chain.  

Theme groups  

Our theme groups are linked to the focus areas of cluster collaboration:  

International commercialization, sustainability, innovation, and new enabling technologies.  

The cooperation in the groups will contribute to increased value creation and strengthen competitiveness for member companies. 
All employees of NCE Heidner Biocluster’s member companies who are particularly concerned with or professionally engaged in the topic of the group can participate.

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