NEWS: Advice for Those Applying for EU Funding

EU advisory is one of the membership benefits of NCE Heidner Biocluster, and EU advisor Linn Dybdahl works to mobilize for collaboration and participation in EU projects within the cluster. 

Published 10. oktober 2023
Modified 17. oktober 2023
Written by linda-theres
NEWS: Advice for Those Applying for EU Funding
EU advisor Linn Dybdahl works to mobilize for collaboration and participation in EU projects within the cluster. 

Applying for EU funding can be a complex process but can also be a valuable source of financing for companies looking to realize innovative projects.
Here is some advice to consider:

Seek Guidance

Before you start writing the application, seek advice and guidance from organizations such as Innovasjon Norge or Norges Forskningsråd, which have national contact points (NCPs) related to the different areas in Horizon Europe. Dybdahl herself can also be a valuable resource in navigating the application process.

Find Your Unique Value

The cluster’s EU advisor has several years of experience and is ready to assist member companies in realizing their EU projects. «I know the cluster well, have many years of experience in grant writing, and am used to connecting different actors,» says Dybdahl, who also has valuable experience in projects and collaborative processes across various fields.

«It’s important that you find your unique value, and by that, I mean the company, product, or service you offer. Be proud of what makes you unique and include it in your application. Don’t be afraid to highlight your strengths and achievements,» she continues.

Align with EU Objectives

Search for information about EU’s overarching objectives and strategies, and demonstrate how your project can contribute to achieving these goals or addressing challenges that the EU is facing, says the EU advisor.

Applying for EU funding can be a complicated process, and it’s important to stay updated. «Therefore, it’s an advantage if you set aside time to participate in courses and webinars offered by Norges Forskningsråd and the EU Commission to gain valuable insights and tips,» says Dybdahl.

Build a Team! 

Nobody succeeds alone, and you should create a support team. You can choose to assemble a team with the help of external advisors or within your organization. A dedicated team will be crucial for preparing a strong application.

«When it comes to financing, you must be clear about what you need funding for and how much capital is required,» says the EU advisor.

«You will also go further with a positive mindset,» says Dybdahl, who provides a good example of changing your mindset: move from «I need money for my innovation» to «how can I get paid to help solve larger challenges in line with EU’s strategies?»

Be Precise

Read the call text and associated documents carefully, and ensure that your application complies with specific requirements. «Allocate enough time and resources to prepare and submit your application. Start as early as possible to avoid stress and haste,» advises the EU advisor.

PES Funding

It’s also possible to apply for Project Establishment Support (PES) through Forskningsrådet, which can provide you with more resources during the application process. «EU has its own portal for applications – the EU portal – so familiarize yourself with the platform to navigate the application process easily,» advises Dybdahl.

«Before applying for EU funding, you should also explore the possibilities for national or regional support, which can be a valuable starting point to secure the necessary financing,» she says.

«In short, the application process requires thorough planning, knowledge of EU priorities, and good collaboration. By following these pieces of advice and steps, you can increase your chances of receiving funding for your innovative project,» concludes Dybdahl.

What can your company get help with from NCE Heidner Biocluster?
  • Discuss project ideas
  • Assistance with drafting EU applications
  • Identify relevant funding opportunities for your company
  • Connect your company with European partners who may be suitable for the EU project
  • EU Funding and Tenders portal and administrative forms
  • Budget
  • Contact with national contact points in Norges Forskningsråd and Innovasjon Norge

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