BioSmia bioeconomy centre opened

The BioSmia bioeconomy centre was opened yesterday in an official event at Biohus in Hamar.

Publisert 15. februar 2017
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BioSmia bioeconomy centre opened
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The guests were welcomed by Frank Larsen, CEO of Hedmark Kunnskapspark, before Thomas Breen, Executive of Economic Development in Hedmark County Council cut the red ribbon to officially declare BioSmia opened. Further speeches and well-wishes was given by a few of BioSmias collaborative partners. Idun Christie, member of Heidner’s Board of Directors and CEO of Graminor talked about the importance of bioeconomy and the need to accelerate sustainable innovations.

BioSmia is a customer oriented and market driven centre for bioeconomy innovation. The ambition of the centre is to take a leading national role in the development of the Norwegian bioeconomy. To do so, BioSmia works closely with the industry and R&D institutions to identify and propel innovations towards market launch and/or business start-up. As such, BioSmia is an important part of Heidners eco-system for innovation.
BioSmia is established by Hedmark Kunnskapspark and headquartered in Biohus in Hamar, but will base its operations on a node structure with offices spread across Inland Norway to ensure closeness to bio-resources and competence.

Yngve Sætre, Project leader for BioSmia

Frank Larsen, CEO of HKP welcomes the guests

About 70 guests attended the official opening

Thomas Breen cuts the ribbon

Idun Christie (2nd right) held a speech

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