Arena Heidner and NIFES in collaboration agreement

Today, Arena Heidner and the Norwegian National Institute of Nutrition and Seafood Research (NIFES) entered into a collaboration agreement.

Publisert 23. januar 2017
Revidert 27. oktober 2020
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Arena Heidner and NIFES in collaboration agreement

Under the terms of the agreement, Arena Heidner and the Network on Insects in the Circular Economy (NICE), led by Researcher Erik-Jan Lock, will collaborate on producing and publishing an online newsletter containing relevant news and insights into the development of insect biorefinery for feed production, in Norway and internationally. The newsletter will cover R&D and innovation initiatives, business news, news relating to regulations and information about upcoming events organised by NICE and others. The agreement to collaborate on a newsletter has come as a result of the workshop on insect biorefinery that Arena Heidner co-organized earlier this month, where the need for information sharing between the feed production industry, R&D-institutions, technology suppliers and the public food safety and funding authorities was identified as a key next step in developing an industry for insect biorefinery in Norway.

The first  issue will be distributed in February. If you did not attend the workshop, but are interested in recieving this free newsletter, please contact Arena Heidner at

About NICE
NICE is a network for all the stakeholders within the insect industry in Nordic countries, funded by the Norwegian Research Council. NICE aims to form a knowledge base that can support sustainable development of the insect industry in Norway and the Nordic Region. The network will organize five seminars over a period of three years, which will take place in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Visit NICE at NICE is a network organised under the National Institute for Nutrition and Seafood Research (NIFES). The institute studies fish nutrition and the effects of fish and seafood consumption on our health. The institute is affiliated to the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries and advise the authorities, business and industry, and the government administration to support them in their work on ensuring safe and healthy seafood.

About Arena Heidner:
Arena Heidner is the cluster management for the bioeconomy cluster Heidner, representing 40 partners from the Norwegian food production value chain, including 28 industry partners. Heidner aims to increase value creation and to be a leading bioeconomy hub for innovations in sustainable food production. The cluster focus on four strategic platforms, namely genetics and genomics, reproduction, novel feed ingredients and biorenewable residues. Heidner is part of the Norwegian Innovation Clusters programme financed by Innovation Norway, the Research Coucil and SIVA.

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