2016 – a great year for SpermVital

All signs are pointing in the right direction for SpermVital.

Publisert 10. mars 2017
Revidert 27. oktober 2020
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2016 – a great year for SpermVital
Fotokred_hvit Rakel J. Berg
SpermVital har patentert og kommersialisert en ny teknologi for kunstig sædoverføring

In 2016 the company secured deals with three new breeding companies, while increasing their turn-over by 44% compared to 2015. The company was valuated by DHT Corporate Services to 238 mNOK – more than a doubling since the last valuation in 2011.

According to CEO Nils Chr. Steig, this positive development can be attributed to a targeted market effort: ‘We see that the SpermVital proprietary technology receives a lot of positive attention, however –  this is a conservative industry that is accustomed to making decisions based on solid evidence and quality-assured information’. He also adds that in the past five years, SpermVital has grown significantly and that today the company is lucky to have 20 highly competent and dedicated employees.

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