Well received “Biotown” – conference

The conference “Biotown 2016” on september 22nd was very well received, and around 120 people joined us at Hamar Kulturhus. The key note speaker, Sigrun Elsa Smaradottir from Matis, Iceland, gave a very interesting lecture on increased value creation, focusing on the blue bioeconomy. We also learned about many great examples of possibilities and products from Norway and Innlandet.

The objective of Biotown this year was to have a discussion regarding the possibilities that follow a joint effort in bioeconomy – and this is what we got! Hedmark fylkeskommune, Innovasjon Norge and the industry all agreed that we need to work together for Innlandet to take a leading role in the “new” bioeconomy.

Thank you for joining us at Biotown 2016!

Introduction to Biotown by Cluster manager, Anders Øfsti


Download the presentations here:

Sigrun Elsa Smaradottir, Matis Iceland

Thomas Breen, Hedmark fylkeskommune

Frank Larsen, Hedmark Kunnskapspark

Olav Eik-Nes, Norsvin

Reidar Bergene-Holm, Bergene Holm

Even Mengshoel, Skogoffensiven Hedmark og Oppland fylkeskommuner

Heidi Alvestrand, Norilia

Kristin Børresen, Graminor

Svein Håvard Sørum, Strand Unikorn

Rafi Ahmad, Høgskolen i Hedmark

Christian Hedløv Engh, Innovasjon Norge