Heidner visited Wageningen

This week, Heidner has been visiting the dutch University Wageningen. The University focus specifically on healthy food and living environment, and is very relevant to our work with bioeconomy and the utilization of biorenewable residues. The trip was organized by The Federation of Norwegian Agricultural Cooperatives and Innovation Norway, and several Heidner members like NIBIO, Tine, NMBU, Norilia and Norwegian Farmer’s Union were present.

In addition to inspiring lectures, we visited several companies and innovation centres. This included:

  • Friesland-Campina Innovation Centre, focusing on dairy products
  • The micro-algae company AlgaeParc
  • Foodcase, a company developing innovative methods to create ready-to-eat meals with extended shelf life, thereby reducing food waste and energy usage.
  • Paperfoam, a company with innovative green packaging solutions, using certified BioBased material.

IMG_1911Learning about the amazing milk at Friesland-Campina

DSC00640Growth of micro-algae at AlgaeParc


DSC00667Hygiene was very important at Paperfoam. Here represented by Sintef, Innovation Norway, NIBIO and The Federation of Norwegian Agricultural Cooperatives