Epigenetics project gets 10,5 million NOK

The biotechnology departement at Hedmark University of Applied Sciences (HUAS) gets a 10,5 MNOK grant from The Research Council of Norway for their project«Elucidation of underlying factors influencing fertility in modern, efficient livestock production through novel epigenomics and metabolomics”

The main idea of the project is to develop new generic knowledge and technology by identifying epigenetic and metabolomic signatures associated with improved and sustainable health and fertility in cattle and swine. A key question to be answered is whether the potential epigenetic influences of artificial insemination may confound the use of next generation sequencing data as the sole basis for sustainable genomic selection of low heritable traits like fertility.

The project will run start in spring 2017 and run for 3 years. The project partners are Heidner companies Geno and Norsvin, and SINTEF. Hamar Kommune also support the project with 2,5 MNOK. This is an important contribution to the bioeconomy focus in Heidner.

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Photo: Project leader Elisabeth Kommisrud