Cluster partners overview


ALcontrol AS

is one of Norway’s largest suppliers of analytical services to the private and public sector. Main areas are environmental (water, sewage and solid substances), feed (livestock and fish) and food (whole value chain from production to shop).


Aninova AS

is a fully-owned subsidiary of Norsvin SA, established in 2015. Aninova will provide services in breeding and population management to pets and small populations of livestock. The services will build on the state of the art genetic selection tools currently used in breeding livestock.

Aninova AS

AquaGen AS

is a selective breeding company, which develops, produces and delivers genetic material to the global sea-farming industry. Through a market-oriented research and development AquaGen has achieved a leading position as a provider of fertilized eggs of Atlantic salmon and rainbow trout and takes an active role to promote a responsible development of the aquaculture industry.

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BioBank AS

is a national gene bank for fish, animals and plants. The company stores biological samples with individual data, genetic information and pedigree information for national breeding populations of pigs, cattle and farmed fish.

Cryogenetics AS

offers services and technology for cryopreservation of fish milt, a powerful tool for preservation of genetic diversity in wild species and an integral part of breeding programs in commercial aquaculture. In addition Cryogenetics offers several other products and services helping to secure a more effective fish reproduction.

Curida AS

Curida offer Contract Development and Manufacturing based on the manufacturing site in Elverum, Norway (former Takeda Nycomed plant). The manufacturing facilities are specialized towards liquid and semi-liquid formulations.


Decon SFS AS

develops innovative methods for disinfecting meat. The method removes harmful bacteria such as salmonella and E.coli and is an important tool for securing food safety at the slaughterhouse.

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Evolys AS

use light to create value in the energy, environment and health sectors. The company’s activities consist of research, development and production.


Felleskjøpet Agri

is the main supplier of equipment for Norwegian agriculture and has around 100 stores targeted at farmers and consumers. Their business also include real estate, bread and baked goods, as well as equipment for parks, construction and pets.


Geno SA

is the main developer and supplier of genetic material for the dairy- and meat industry in Norway. Organized as a cooperative and fully owned by the Norwegian dairy- and beef farmers. Close contact between science and farming enables new scientific ideas and techniques to quickly be adapted in practical farming, and ensure that the breeding scheme for Norwegian red corresponds to the interests of the members.

Geno Global AS

is Geno’s wholly owned subsidiary, responsible for distributing over 1.3 million doses of semen from elite Norwegian Red bulls yearly to more than 30 countries worldwide.

Graminor AS

is a plant-breeding company, responsible for providing Norwegian farming and horticulture with a diversity of disease-free field crops and horticultural plants, which are suitable for Nordic growing conditions. Graminor’s core competence and mission is to develop new and improved plant varieties, test and represent imported varieties, and produce pre-basic seeds for further multiplication and marketing by seed companies. The company has well qualified personal in conventional and molecular plant breeding.


Hedmark Kunnskapspark (HKP) AS

serves as the facilitating organisation for the Heidner cluster project. HKP works to stimulate the development of knowledge-based industry in Hedmark, Norway’s largest county. The largest shareholders are Hedmark County Council and SIVA, but the organization has additional public owners and private investors.

Hedmark University of Applied Sciences (HUAS)

is, with more than 5000 students, one of the largest university colleges in Norway. The biotechnology faculty at HUAS conducts research and education in biotechnology in collaboration with regional, national and international companies, research institutes and universities. Biotechnology at HUAS offers a Master degree in Commercial and Applied Biotechnology. Genetics, reproduction and fertility are major focus areas within biotechnology research.


Hias IKS

is an intermunicipal company owned by the four municipalities Hamar, Ringsaker, Stange and Løten. Hias operates in the utilities sector and provides about 80.000 people and local bioindustry with fresh water production and distribution, wastewater transport and treatment and garbage collection and disposal.


Hoff SA

handles one third of Norway’s potato production and markets several leading products to the consumer and hotel- and catering markets, in addition to other food industry. HOFF is a cooperative owned by 500 share holders, of which about 330 are supplying farmers.

Nord University (UiN)

offers a dynamic, modern learning environment for higher education and research. The Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture (FBA) are a leading academic centre in the fields of aquaculture and marine sciences in Norway. FBA contributes to the development of a sustainable, knowledge-based bioeconomy, and offers study programs at bachelor, master and PhD level. FBA has three strategic research groups: aquaculture, marine ecology and marine genomics.


Norgro AS

is a company producing and selling products and knowledge to professional growers of vegetables, fruits, berries, potatoes and flowers in Norway. The company is active with product development, often in cooperation with suppliers and customers.


Norilia AS

is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nortura SA. Norilia has business activities in hides/skins, casings and wool. In addition, Norilia is responsible for coordinating the processing of added value products in Nortura and the associated companies, Noridane and Norskinn.


Norsk Landbrukssamvirke

is a non-governmental organization (NGO) for 16 farmer-owned cooperative companies in the agricultural sector. Their job is to facilitate the cooperatives so that they can continue their important work for Norwegian consumers, industry and society.


Norsk Protein AS

handle and recycle protein material of animal origin from slaughter houses etc. to optimize resource value. Products are mainly used as ingredients in animal feed. They also produce fertilizers and bioenergy.


Norsvin SA

is a Norwegian pig breeding company owned by Norwegian pig producers. The core activity is pig breeding, which includes pure breeding, crossbreeding and artificial insemination. Norsvin is focusing on research and development, design and operation of breeding programs, semen production and distribution, herd management and professional training.

Nortura SA

is Norway´s leading distributor of meat and eggs. The company is a cooperative owned by 18.700 primary egg and meat producers. Nortura cooperates closely with Geno, TYR and Norsvin regarding research and innovation activities.

Norwegian University of Life Science (NMBU)

is the result of the 2014 merger of the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB) and the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science (NVH). The “Foods of Norway” Centre for Research-based Innovation is facilitated by NMBU.

Reneco AS

offers solutions and consultancy services on bioenergy and water purification based on biological treatment.


SpermVital AS

has developed a patented technology that extends the life of spermatozoa after insemination. This is achieved by immobilized the sperm cells in a natural substance before cryopreservation, thus increasing the odds of fertilization.


Strand Unikorn AS

is a company producing and selling input factors to the Norwegian agriculture such as concentrated feed, seeds and fertilizers. In addition to this, the company is also producing and selling alcohol.


The Norwegian Farmers’ Union AS

works to improve the conditions for Norwegian agriculture and to advocate the importance of farming in a modern society. It is the leading organisation for agricultural business and politics, and delivers a wide range of service to members.


The Norwegian Forest Seed Centre

(Stiftelsen det norske skogfrøverk), is a foundation for seed trade in the forestry and Christmas tree business. Skogfrøverket is responsible for forest plant breeding and seed orchard operation, quality testing of cone and seed samples and production and sale of seed.


The Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO)

is the new name of the merged entity of the national institutes Bioforsk, Norwegian Forest and Landscape Institute and the Norwegian Agricultural Economics Research Institute. NIBIO is Norway’s largest interdisciplinary research institute in the agricultural and environmental sphere, and one of the country’s largest research institutes.

Tine SA

is the largest Norwegian dairy product cooperative, owned by 15,000 dairy farmers. TINE offers the entire spectrum of dairy products to the domestic market and has a significant export business. TINE cooperates closely with Geno regarding research and innovation activities.

Topigs Norsvin International BV

is a merge between Norsvin International and the Dutch swine genetic company TOPIGS International, established in 2014. Topigs Norsvin is now the world’s second largest distributor of pig genetics.



is a breeding organization for specialized beef producers, and aims to promote beef cattle, both purebred and crossbreeds. Tyr is responsible for the national breeding programme for beef cattle breeds and offers genes of high international quality with well-documented properties and a unique health status.


Sparebanken Hedmark


Hedmark Fylkeskommune

NHO Mat og Drikke

NHO Mat og Drikke

Hamar Katedralskole

Jønsberg Videregående skole

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