Cluster Activities

Biotown – yearly bioeconomy conference in Hamar

The Biotown conference on bioeconomy was held for the first time on March 26th 2015. Visit


Biosmia – centre for bioeconomy innovations

Biosmia is an integrated part of the cluster’s innovation eco-system, designed to bring forth ideas and accellerate the cluster’s innovation activity. Biosmia translates to “bio forge”, which reflects the goal of the centre, namely forging new bio-based innovations and companies. A dedicated team assist the cluster partners with ideation and idea scouting, feasability and market analysis, intellectual property consulting and initial funding up until new business establishment. At the moment, more than 60 project ideas have been identified and 3 innovation projects have been initiated.

Examples of initiatied projects:

  • Breeding programme for the Norwegian Elkhound breeds

The objective of the project is to improve breeding of the two breeds Norwegian Elkhound Grey and Norwegian Elkhoung Black. The project is a collaboration between the companies Geninova, Biobank, Norsvin, Norwegian Elkhound Club’s Association (NEKF) and the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. The project is led by Dr. Scient. Marte Wetten, Senior Researcher in Genetics, Geninova.

  •  Arctic Red

Arctic red is a project initiated to establish a foundation for a national breed stock of arctic charr (Salvelinus alpinus) to be used in Norwegian charr farming. The breed is to be founded off five different populations of arctic charr. The project is led by Øyvind Nordstrand, Business Developer, and Researcher Karina Hauge Johansen, HKP.

Norsk Røyeforum


Arenas for knowledge sharing and networking:

  • Bioforum is a forum for topics related to research and development. Specifically, monthly 1-2 hour lectures and workshops are arranged that are targeted specifically at cluster employees interested in research and development.
  • MAKS is a forum for topics related to market, communication and sales. Quarterly half day/day seminars and workshops targeted specifically at cluster employees interested in marketing, communication and sales.